Aztlán: concept sketch...

The production work on our upcoming board game, Aztlán, is progressing at a steady pace. In this preview we show you some progress on the game pieces.

Aztlán, a strategy board game for 3 to 4 players, will include 120 plastic "people" pawns, and a two-parts score counter for each player.

Fitting the Meso-American theme of the game, all the pawns will be custom pieces, evocative of the mythical Aztec background developed as a setting.

This preview shows the concept sketch of the main gaming piece in Aztlán, by Matteo Macchi - a stylized look has been used, reminiscent of an Aztec statue, to take into account that the game is strategy-oriented, but not a simulation game or a wargame - and the prototype of the sculpture of this piece.

...and the prototype of the main game piece's sculpture.

CAD drawing for the score counter in Aztlán

It presents also the CAD drawing for the score counter in the game: the top of the pyramid is added to show when you've gone full circle on the score track!

The graphic design of the game will be created in co-operation with Universal Head's Peter Gifford, and we'll soon start to show you the amazing graphics that Peter is creating to showcase the art of Drew Baker!

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