The WW1 Wings of Glory Special Packs Giveaway Contest ended last Friday. Besides the daily prizes for who first answered correctly to the presented questions, everybody who got the right answers within 24 hours in the four contest days took part in two random bonus draws.

Ares Games thanks all players who took part in this contest and the author Andrea Angiolino, who prepared the questions for the quizzes!

The winners in the random bonus draws are:

Caproni Ca.3: Simone Decarli

Gotha G.V: Javier Sánchez

See below the answers and winners of the four quizzes:

07/05/2012 – - Caproni Ca.3 Buttini

1. Which future three-time major of a city with more than 6 millions people flew war missions on Caproni bombers during World War One? Fiorello La Guardia

2. Which nation, in July 1915, sent planes to bomb the Austrian city now belonging to Italy and called Cortina d'Ampezzo, painting red and white stripes on them to pretend that they were Austrian planes instead? Germany

3. Which city was planned to be bombed by a famous poet using Caproni bombers, but was saved by military authorities who asked him to drop leaflets instead? Vienna

Winner: Jan Filip

08/05/2012 – Caproni Ca.3 C.E.P. 115

1. Which general and minister of war was killed in an accident while flying on a Caproni bomber in 1919? Milan Rastislav Stefanik

2. Who designed the first four engine plane ever built, and then a whole family of giant four engine bombers of World War I, becoming later famous for his work on helicopters? Igor Sikorsky

3. Which 50 victories ace was awarded the Italian Silver Medal for Valour for his droppings of spies behind enemy lines from his lonely Caproni bomber? William Barker

Winner: Ian Watkins

09/05/2012 – Gotha G.V Aschoff

1. Which sportman and pilot did the first bombing from an airplane, dropping four grenades against Turkish troops in Libya? Giulio Gavotti

2. Against which nation was the air bombing "Operation Türkenkreuz" launched? England

3. Which ace was captured after his landing in Switzerland, following a bombing raid against the Zeppelin facilities in Friedrichshafen? Eugene Gilbert

Winner: Simon Guibert

10/05/2012 – Gotha G.V Von Korff

1. Which type of multi-engine bomber was used in 1918 to bring supplies to the troops of Lawrence of Arabia? Handley Page O/400

2. In which date a plane successfully bombed London for the first time? November 28th 1916

3. Which pilot was awarded the Victoria Cross for destroying a flying Zeppelin dirigible, dropping bombs on it from his airplane in June 1915? Reginald Warneford

Winner: Simon Guibert

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