The WW1 Wings of Glory Special Packs Giveaway Contest is just ended and the list of the four winners at the quizzes will be published on Monday, 14th, together with the result of the two bonus draws.

The answers of yesterday's questions are:

1. Which type of multi-engine bomber was used in 1918 to bring supplies to the troops of Lawrence of Arabia? Handley Page O/400

2. In which date a plane successfully bombed London for the first time? November 28th 1916

3. Which pilot was awarded the Victoria Cross for destroying a flying Zeppelin dirigible, dropping bombs on it from his airplane in June 1915? Reginald Warneford

And the winner is... Simon Guibert (again!), winning Von Korff’s Gotha G.V! As he is a fan of Ares on Facebook, he also wins a Caproni Ca.3 as a bonus prize!

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