To celebrate the arrival of the first WW1 Wings of Glory releases – the WW1 Special Packs including the bombers Caproni Ca.3 and Gotha G.V, Ares Games promotes a contest from May 7th to 10th that will give away one WW1 Special Pack a day.

Each day, at the 16:30 UTC (GMT), we will publish here some quizzes about WW1 planes, pilots and other aviation trivia. You do not need to be an expert – the answers can be found somewhere in Internet and some you can find in the preview articles published here.

The contest will present three questions a day, and the first participant to answer all of them correctly will win one of the four WW1 Special Packs. The Ares Games’ fans on Facebook will have the chance to win an extra pack each day: if the winner is a fan of our Facebook page, in addition to the prize at stake that day he can choose any of the four WW1 Special Packs he’d like to receive!

People who can't answer the quizzes quickly because of their time zone or other reason will also have a chance of winning: everybody who gets the right answers within 24 hours will participate in two bonus draws at the end of the contest, to win a Gotha G.V or Caproni Ca.3!

So, from May 7th at 16:30 UTC (GMT), stay tuned and have fun!

Contest’s Rules

  1. The questions will be published from March 7th to 10th, at 16:30 GMT, on the Ares Games website.
  2. The answers must be given in English and be complete - for pilots, the family name is enough, for air forces the name of the nation in English.
  3. The answers will be sent through a contact form which will generate an e-mail registering the exact time it was sent. Multiple entries are not allowed.
  4. The first person that will answer correctly to the three questions of the day will get the prize - the three correct answers must be given in the same e-mail.
  5. The correct answer and the winner of each day will be announced the following day, and all answers and winners will be divulged at the end of the contest.
  6. Prizes include one Wings of Glory WW1 Special Pack in each of the four days of the contest, with a specific model on each day.
  7. Winners who are fans of Ares Games on Facebook will receive one additional WW1 Special Pack with their prize. To be eligible for this prize, remember to:
    • - "like" Ares Games on our Facebook page
    • - mark the appropriate checkbox on the contest form,
    • - indicate, in addition to the answer to the quiz, the additional Special Pack you would like as an additional prize.
  8. Besides the daily prizes, everybody who gets the right answers within 24 hours in all contest days will participate in two bonus draws at the end of the contest, to win a Gotha G.V or Caproni Ca.3.
  9. If no one provides the right answer to the questions of the day, that prize will be assigned to the winner of the following day.

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