Battle of Midway expansion: recreate the famous battle in the Pacific Ocean.

Two expansions for the tactical board game of naval air battles Fighters of the Pacific, set during WWII in the Pacific theatre, are now shipping to distributors and will be available to retail in US starting from November 29th: Battle of Midway and Battle of the Coral Sea.

Fast-paced and easy to learn, Fighters of the Pacific is designed to provide an intense feeling of frantic air battles, with no dice, no ruler: all players need are the modular hex-based boards, sturdy and beautifully illustrated counters, and a lot of legendary WW2 aircrafts. The game allows players to re-enact famous air battles in history with a simple but realistic mechanism, playing on a huge modular board, with dozens of aircrafts and ships. The players control multiple squadrons of fighters, bombers, and torpedo aircrafts, to dominate the skies and launch attacks on the enemy’s ships and islands.

Battle of the Coral Sea: relive the first naval air battle.

The expansions allow to replay historic battles with new aircraft carriers and their full squadrons, new types of aircraft and many scenarios for each stage of these battles. Battle of Midway offers all you need to recreate the famous battle in the Pacific Ocean, with a series of scenarios that reproduce the key stages of a major World War II battle in the Pacific. It includes three new American aircraft models, the old F2A Buffalo fighter, the B-26 Marauder bomber that launched the very first counterattack on the Japanese forces, and some brand new TBF Avengers.

The Battle of the Coral Sea, the first naval air battle of WW2, is reproduced in the second expansion, with five new scenarios and three new Japanese aircraft carriers, the Shokaku; Zuikaku; and Shoho, the American forces of the USS Lexington.

For more information about Fighters of the Pacific game and the expansions, visit the Don't Panic Games section.

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