Aviation and Games: a weekend at Lucca, Italy.

On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September, as part of an exhibition for the 100 years of the Italian Air Force, Lucca Comics & Games organizes a two-day event dedicated to gaming in the aviation world, including meetings and Wings of Glory playing sessions, with the presence of Andrea Angiolino, the game's co-designer and an expert author of aviation-themed games. The event is organized with the help of Ludus in Tabula gaming association, which will present a preview of its project Lit in Lis, with the goal of creating inclusive board game videos, with tutorials in sign language.

The event will begin on Saturday with the presentation of the 100 Years Anniversary of the Italian Air Force. The gaming area will be active through the day with different games, new and old, followed in the afternoon by Wings of Glory - the played scenario has a special focus on the Italian aviation.

Wings of Glory and Ludus in Tabula program.

On Sunday, at 11:00, it will be time for a meeting about Wings of Glory, aerial dogfights, the sign language, and new landscapes in the gaming world, with the preview of the "Lit in Lis" project by Ludus in Tabula, with Angiolino and Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games as guest speakers. Following, the gaming area will be open again, with a new large Wings of Glory aerial battle. Prizes will be awarded to the players with more victories during the weekend. Two other activities will be held in the afternoon, including a seminar about gaming in the aviation world, its history and evolution, and a preview of Angiolino's upcoming game "S.55 - Wings over the Atlantic".

For more details, visit the event news on Lucca Comic & Games website and the Ludus in Tabula website.


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