Upon the Giza plateau, the eminent architects of Ancient Egypt are summoned by the Pharaoh. The challenge transcends mere tomb construction; it encompasses the creation of engineering marvels — monuments destined for veneration, to elevate the Pharaoh's honor eternally towards the heavens. In Pyramidice, a game of dice and card combos, players compete to build the greatest Pyramid ever seen.

Pyramidice: compete to build the greatest Pyramid ever seen.

Taking the role of architects, two to four players are challenged to guide their workers through the planning, get the stone for the construction, and ask for help from the sacred cats and the power of the gods.

Pyramidice is based on original dice placement and set collection mechanics, in a contest where timing and skillful manipulation of opponents' tactics reign supreme. Playing fast, but with a deep gameplay, it’s an excellent introductory game for neophytes, but will also ensnare seasoned players in a suspenseful web that will capture them till the very end. Pyramidice also includes a Solo Mode - one player can challenge one of the Great Architects of Ancient Egypt: Snefru, Hemiunu, Amenhotep, or Imothep.

Pyramidice is designed by Luigi Ferrini (Ensemble, The Golden Ages) and developed by Ergo Ludo Editions, with English edition by Ares Games due to release to retail in December 2023.

For more information about the game, visit the game’s page in the Euro & Thematic Games section, where the rulebook is available for download.

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