The pre-orders for Kings of Middle-earth, the long awaited third expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition, are now open on Ares Games webshop. The pre-order offer includes the expansion and the new “The Seeing Stones” Card promo set, at a price of $44,90 with free shipping to Contiguous USA and European Union. The delivery is estimated for December 2023.

Kings of Middle-earth: new expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition.

Kings of Middle–Earth introduces two new types of Characters to War of the Ring Second Edition: Sovereigns and Dark Chieftains. The Sovereigns of the Free Peoples were targeted by Sauron’s attempts to bend the will of the peoples opposing him - using the palantíri (the seeing stones), through emissaries, like Gríma, and possibly with other subtle and deceitful means. At the same time, it was crucial for the morale of the Free Peoples to rally around these charismatic figures - Brand, Dáin Ironfoot, Denethor, Théoden, and Thranduil - to fight against the Shadow.

The new rules, miniatures, cards, and Action dice included in this expansion will allow the players to fully develop this conflict and represent the role of these characters in their War of the Ring game. The expansion also adds the Dark Chieftains to the Shadow hosts - one for each of the three Shadow Nations — the Black Serpent, the Shadow of Mirkwood, and Uglúk.

For more details, check the offer at Ares Games webshop. For more information about the game and expansions, visit the War of the Ring section.

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