Ares Games is back from Indianapolis after the four intense days of gaming at Gen Con. The new releases Ensemble, The Rich and The Good, and Cangaceiros sold out at the show, as well the first copies of Against the Shadow - the solo and cooperative expansion of War of the Ring: The Card Game and the the observation balloons Caquot M/Ae 800 Drachen of WW1 Wings of Glory.

Ares also presented at GenCon the previews of Quartermaster General East Front and Fire and Swords, the second expansion for War of the Ring – The Card Game, with the presence of the game designer Ian Brody. Ian also was the judge of the first official tournament of War of the Ring The Card Game, which ended with an epic battle on the Orodruin and a Shadow victory. The winners, Alex Allioto and Erick Sipila, and runner-ups Ryan Kerstan and Melanie Chapman received a special art print and $ 300 in gift coupons as prizes. The long-awaited Kings of Middle-earth - the third expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition board game, was also previewed at the show.

In our photo gallery you will find some pictures of our booth and the War of the Ring - The Card Game tournament (click to enlarge). Ares thanks everybody who visited our stand and played our games, and the amazing crew which worked hard during the Best Four Days in Gaming!

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