Wings of Rome: two days of aerial battles for the European Master.

The Wings of Glory European Master, a tournament organized by the Italian Wargame Federation (FIW), had its second stage held in Rome, in the weekend of June 10-11, with the participation of 12 players, nine Italians and three foreigners - from Serbia, UK, and Switzerland. The first round of the tournament was during the event Wings of Prague, in April. This year, the European Masters will have also a third stage, in Doncaster, on September 1st to 3rd. The European Masters circuit is suported by Ares Games and Wings of Glory Aerodrome.

Wings of Prague was held from 21st to 23rd April in Prague, and gathered 34 players from eight countries - Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, and England, with the presence of the game designer Andrea Angiolino. They played 14 Wings of Glory missions (WWI and WWII). The European Master tournament got the participation of 18 players, and the winner was the young Vojta, with Georg (Walarik) in the second position and Tim (Flying Helmut) in the third.

Wings of Prague: participants of the European Masters tournament.

At Wings of Rome, pilots had two days of aerial battles, with prizes and awards for all participants offered by Ares. It was the third edition of the event, the second as part of the European Master. Four scenarios were played at the tournament: two Dogfight and two Bombing. The ranking saw the Italian Riccardo Rigillo in the first position, followed by the Paul Johnson (UK), Alessandro Babbi (Italy) and Asja Cuckovic (Serbia).

The third and final stage of the European Masters will be at the British meeting of Wings of Glory player's in the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, in Doncaster, in the first weekend of September. For more information, check the forum at Wings of Glory Aerodrome.

Other than the European Masters, several Wings of Glory events have been organized in different countries in Europe by gaming groups. In Italy, supporters from groups Ludus in Tavola, Alea Games/Mad Elite Wargamers, BG Storico/Casus Belli, Ludoteca Club Iddu have taken the game to five events only in May. At UK Games Expo, members of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome community supported Ares Games for demos and the big participation game on Sunday, June 4th, with 36 people playing together at the Ares' stand.

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