Ares Games was back to Spielwarenmesse - Nuremberg Toy Fair in early February, after the 3-years long pandemic stop, presenting three upcoming releases for 2023: the English language versions of Cangaceiros and Ensemble, thanks to a partnership with Italian design studio Ergo Ludo Editions, and a brand new game in the Quartermaster General series - East Front, the first 2-players game using the popular game system by Ian Brody.

Cangaceiros: run a band of Cangaceiros,
legendary bandits in Brazilian northeast.

Expected to release in April 2023, is the Euro-style game Cangaceiros is inspired by the outlaw gangs of Brazil’s Northeast in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. To counter the overwhelming power of the large landowners called “Coronéis”, armed gangs were born to oppose these despots and the government, fighting for survival, freedom, and revenge. Players are bandits trying to become the most famous gang of the Cangaço, surviving in the impervious hinterland, hunted by military units sent by government to capture or kill them.

Ensemble, the new addition to Ares' Family Games line, is a cooperative game, easy and fast to play, for two to 10 players. They are challenged to “think” in syntony with each other, voting the best match between images without communicating, as a close-knit group that can overcome any challenge - much like musicians in an orchestra. Each round of the game presents a new challenge, revealed through a new card. Players must secretly choose the picture that matches the current challenge, then simultaneously reveal their choices. The further players advance, the more challenging it becomes. Ensemble includes also three scenarios that change the game and increase its difficulty, and is due to release in June 2023.

East Front, the first 2-player game using the acclaimed Quartermaster General game system.

From the German invasion of URSS to the fall of Berlin, the WW2 East Front is one of the most interesting theaters of war, and Quartermaster General: East Front offers a fast and challenging card-driven way to simulate its events. The game is a new development of the acclaimed "Quartermaster General" card-based asymmetrical boardgame series, detailing a specific theater of war in a fast and immersive 2-players game. East Front is expected to release in August 2023, and will be the first of a new series.

For more information about Ensemble, visit the Family Games section. For Cangaceiros and Quartermaster General: East Front, check the Euro & Thematic Games section.

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