The complete rules of the upcoming games We are coming, Nineveh! and Saigon 75, by Nuts! Publishing, are now available for download.

Saigon 75, a fast-paced strategy game.

We are coming, Nineveh! is a two-player intense tactical game reproducing the liberation of west Mosul by Iraqi security forces in 2017. Players assume the role of either the Iraqi security forces or Daesh (also known as ISIS).

Saigon 75 is a fast-paced strategy game pitting the “Communist” forces from North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against the “Liberal” forces from South Vietnam, portraying the end of the fratricidal struggle between North and South Vietnam from the Summer of 1973 to Spring 1975.

To download the rulebooks, visit the Nuts! Publish section or visit the games' pages.

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