The War of the Ring game line is going to be expanded with a new game: War of the Ring - the Card Game, a multiplayer game developed by Ian Brody - the creator of the Quartermaster General series. Based on "The Lord of the Rings", War of the Ring - The Card Game has been developed to give to players the same emotions of the War of the Ring board game, with fast-paced gameplay and simple rules. The War of the Ring - The Card Game is due to release in November 2022 and to launch the new game, Ares is opening pre-orders on its webshop at the SRP price of US$ 44.90, with four promo cards included.

Some of the Free Players cards of War of the Ring - The Card Game.

In War of the Ring - The Card Game, up to 4 players compete in two teams, the Shadow against the Free Peoples, each player using a specific and different card deck representing the strengths and weaknesses of the different factions involved in the war.

The Free Peoples desperately try to complete their quest to destroy the One Ring, while at the same time defending their homelands from the encroaching hordes of Sauron and from his evil allies. The Shadow players must strike quickly and decisively, before the Ring-bearers can complete their quest; or try to slowly corrupt Frodo, burdening him with wounds, toil, and the sorrow for the loss of his Companions.

Ares Games worked with the game designer Ian Brody to “translate”, as much as possible, the spirit of the War of the Ring board game into a multi-player card game. Expert War of the Ring players will recognize how some game mechanics and dynamics are reminiscent of the board game. For example, in the card game, cards are the actionable resources, similarly to action dice in the War of the Ring board game. The balance between the players is similar to what they can find in War of the Ring – with an apparently unstoppable Shadow, who needs to split its attention between the hunt the Ring and the war – and the Free Peoples who must try to stop Sauron with stalwart defenses and surprise attacks, while Frodo advances to Mount Doom - even if the result is achieved in a totally different way.

WotR - The Card Game: Shadow cards.

War of the Ring - The Card Game was presented to the public for the first time at UK Games Expo 2022. The preview gathered lots of people at Ares' booth and following a lot of questions scattered around the world wide web. To track and answer them, Roberto Di Meglio, Ares' Director of Production and co-designer and developer of War of the Ring game series, opened a Ask me Anything thread on BGG, and then a FAQ with the answers, which is also available here and on the game's page.

The game is expected to release in November 2022. The preorder deal includes a set of four exclusive promo cards that players can optionally add to their decks: Ioreth (Dunédain), Ghân-buri-Ghân (Rohan), Gothmog (Mordor), Whip of Many Thongs (Monstrous), and free shipping to Continental USA and European Union. For more details, click here.

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