A beautiful game mat in high quality neoprene, almost 50% larger than the normal War of the Ring 2nd Edition game board, is the next addition to the War of the Ring line. The War of the Ring Deluxe Game Mat is scheduled to release to retail in April 2022, with a SRP of US$ 69.90+Taxes.

To launch the new accessory, Ares is also opening pre-orders on its e-commerce. The game mat is offered at a price of US$ 69.90, and the pre-order deal also includes free Treebeard and Tidings not Burdens promotional mini-expansions, and free shipping to Continental USA and European Union.

Treebeard mini-expansion

The Deluxe Game Mat matches the size of the limited-edition Anniversary Release board, which was produced in a limited number of copies. Players have been asking for a similar board to be offered as a regular product, and Ares is now producing it, printed on high-quality, foldable material. The giant neoprene playing mat (laser cut, 128 x 88 cm size) offers an enlarged playing area, for easier gameplay, and features the amazing John Howe’s depiction of Middle-earth created exclusively for War of the Ring.

For pre-orders, visit Ares Games' webshop. For more information on the War of the Ring line, visit the War of the Ring section.

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