In the Battle of Britain, a Polish Squadron bravely fought against Luftwaffe to stop the German raids on the UK. The history of this unit inspired the cooperative board game 303 Squadron. Published by Hobbity, the game was successfully crowdfunded in December 2019, and is planned to release to retail in September 2021, following the Kickstarter fulfillment. The English edition will be distributed in North America by Ares, and a new section dedicated to the game is now online.

303 Squadron: cooperative game based on the history of the Polish Air Unit.

In 303 Squadron, one to four players take the role of its famous pilots in epic dogfights against Luftwaffe pilots, defending Great Britain from the German offensive. With a multiple scenario campaign, based on the deeds of the the real 303 Squadron, the game presents an original perspective on popular WW2 airplane combat theme and a clever card and dice system, where every decision has an impact. The fast and dynamic gameplay can be appreciated by both novice players and wargaming veterans.

The 303 Squadron base game will release alongside two expansions: Brother in Arms and Convoy. Brothers in Arms brings a squadron of the famous Spitfire fighter to face the Aces of the Luftwaffe side by side with the 303 Squadron. With Convoy, the 303 Squadron takes over the seas surrounding Britain, to protect convoys against bombing from Bf.110s and the assault of the deadly U-boat. The releases include also the 303 Squadron: Artbook, a volume collecting all the great artwork and illustrations by Piotr Forkasiewicz used in the game, reproducing all the protagonists of the Battle of Britain.

For more information about the game, its expansions and the arbook, visit the 303 Squadron section.