MIni Rogue: minimalist dungeon crawler.

The section dedicated to Nuts! Publishing games is now updated with information and images of Mini Rogue, the minimalist dungeon crawler game. Funded on Kickstarter in June 2020, Mini Rogue is due to hit the stores in September 2021, after the KS fulfillment will be completed.

In Mini Rogue, one or two players delve into a deep dungeon to get a mysterious ruby called the Og's Blood. The players must choose how to spend their resources to be powerful enough to confront ever more difficult monsters and hazards. The game takes seconds to set up and makes for quick, tense dungeon romps, offering a Thematic Roguelike Experience and face a lot of interesting dilemmas.

In Q4, two expansions for Mini Rogue are planned to release: Depths of Damnation, a set introducing Lore Cards, which allow players to "choose their own story", and Glittering Treasure, a set of cards produced with a stunning and glittering holographic foil effect.

For more information about the game, visit the Mini Rogue page.

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