The new solo or cooperative board game Masters of the Night is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores on May 31st. The game has also arrived in Ares Games' warehouse in Germany, and should be available in Europe by the same time. Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020, Masters of the Night is now releasing to retail as backers' fulfillment is completed.

Masters of the Night: solo and cooperative board game.

In Masters of the Night, one to five players are members of a Vampire family, playing on the same side who will either win or lose together. Just arrived after a long journey in a new, unfamiliar city, they are challenged to survive and establish their rule, despite mysterious Agents trying to stop them.

The game is played over a modular board composed of nine district tiles, representing the city, and there are six playable vampires, each of them with specific abilities. Players must get control of key city locations by recruiting minions and stop the actions of Inquisitors. There are multiple paths to defeat, and only one to victory - time plays against the vampires.

For more information about Masters of the Night, read the preview article and the anthology Dark City Stories, with six short stories inspired on the game and written by Gareth Hanrahan. The rulebook is also available for download.

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