The Family is coming! Masters of the Night's release is getting closer, and following the overview of the game, it's time to learn more about the characters and their stories. In this article, we present the six vampires included in the game - Agnieszka, Ishtvan, Imre, Laszlo, Mila, and Nevena. In the following weeks, we will post short stories written by Gareth Hanrahan for the Masters of the Night Anthology.

The hypnotic Agnieska.


Legends about peasants who once heard someone’s voice in their heads have long been heard in the Carpathian region. Obeying the call, these people entered the fog swirling on the mountain spurs, and disappeared in it without a trace.

But in no legend is the name of this fog mentioned - Agnieszka.

Hiding in the most inaccessible places and preparing a trap in advance, she carefully lures her victims, continuing her hunt for people over centuries.

The crazy Ishtvan.


Istvan's servants brought the surrounding peasants to the small Hungarian castle for years. Not for the food of the master, but as victims necessary for the bloody rituals, opening the doors to the most terrible abysses of hell: the vampire tried to place infernal spirits into human bodies.

The castle was burned long ago, but Istvan survived and continues his search for secrets, having learned how to have the heart of a normal person burst with horror.

The furious Laszlo.


No matter how fast a person moves, a vampire will always overtake him. But Laszlo will overtake any vampire. His reaction is so phenomenal that the undead body literally spreads out in the air.

Laszlo often uses his abilities to play with those who are trying to kill him, and therefore other vampires do not like him: often after a fight with Laszlo, new people come out to hunt for vampires - random witnesses to what happened.

Laszlo himself is not afraid of this: until now, he has not lost to anyone in open battle.

The mysterious Imre.


As one of the oldest vampires on earth, Imre never trusts anyone.

Instead of looking for loyal servants and associates, Imre prefers to make puppets out of people, and then, if necessary, pull on invisible threads, forcing mortals to do what he needs.

No one knows how far this network spans. But all vampires know who the spider is.

The seductive Mila.


Few are able to maintain a long conversation with Mila, and not at all because she is ugly, quick-tempered, or does not allow you to say a word.

On the contrary, every minute spent in her company, any person, even extremely aggressive, begins to feel sympathy for her. Slowly, bit by bit, Mila’s words and gestures poison the victim’s mind, and as soon as the interlocutor looks into the abyss of Mila’s eye, his consciousness fades forever and the person turns into her unquestioning slave.

The otherwordly Nevena.


Most vampires find her otherworldly: Nevena can easily stop on the way and start talking with emptiness or predict to a stranger his quick death.

But the problem is that her prophecies always come true, because Nevena constantly talks to ghosts and spirits with whom she entered into an agreement centuries ago: in exchange for human lives, creatures of the invisible world warn her of impending danger.


Now you know the six vampires, stay tuned to read the short stories featuring each of them.

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