Good news for WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition players: Total War, the first expansion to the game, will release in November 2020, and the base game is going to be published in a new language: Korean, in partnership with MTS Games. This is the sixth language edition for the game - in addition to English, it's published in French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Total War, first expansion for WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition.

Quartermaster General WW2 Second Edition revamps the award-winning, fast-paced strategy game by Ian Brody, originally released in 2014. Players (2 to 6) control one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team, and supply is crucial to keep the armies and navies fighting; destroy the enemies’ supply lines and their forces will surrender. This Second Edition improves multiple elements of the original, while keeping all the qualities that made it critically acclaimed. Ares publishes the English edition, with partners for other languages editions: Asyncron (French), Ghenos Games (Italian), Hobby Japan (Japanese) and Last Level (Spanish).

The first expansion to the game, Total War, introduces new playing options, without dramatically increasing the play time: Air Forces help the players to defend Armies and Navies in the same space, or to attack adjacent Air Forces; two new nations, China and France, enlarge and change the opening setup, allowing many new strategies; Bolster cards, a new type of cards that are played directly from the hand as reactions to game play; and new alternate “what if” cards, that represent historical strategies that were considered but never executed, as Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain.

For more information about the game and the upcoming expansion, visit the Euro & Thematic Games section. For the international editions, visit the partners' websites (linked above).

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