Ares Games is attending BGG.CON (November 21-24, Dallas, TX). Here we are releasing the atypical dungeon crawler Dungeonology: The Expedition as well as pre-releasing WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition and Nanty Narking, at booth 306, with the presence of Nanty Narking’s designer Martin Wallace to sign copies at the Ares booth.

Ares is also presenting previews of several games coming in 2020: two games to be published by Ares, Black Rose Wars, in partnership with Ludus Magnus Studio, and Masters of the Night, with Igrology, and seven new games published by partners and distributed in the US by Ares: Days of the Siege, the second expansion for This War of Mine: the Board Game (Galakta Games), Europe Divided and Freedom! (PHALANX Games), Hard City and Slyville (Hexy Studios) and Alone (Horrible Games).

Quartermaster General 2nd Edition: take the command of the major powers of the WW2.

In Dungeonology: The Expedition, one to four players take the role of scholars challenged to submit the best thesis on a mysterious Civilization in a remote Dungeon, to become the new professor of University of Rocca Civetta. The game is now arriving in stores, alongside its expansion Erasmus, which presents four new scholars, allowing to expand the game up to six players.

WW2 Quartermaster General Second Edition revamps the award-winning, fast-paced strategy game by Ian Brody, originally released five years ago. Players control one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team. This Second Edition improves multiple elements of the original, while keeping all the qualities that made it critically acclaimed. A limited number of copies will be available at BGG.Con, and the game is due to release in January 2020.

Nanty Narking: a Victorian board game of wit and podsnappery.

Nanty Narking, arriving in stores in December 2019, is a Victorian board game of wit and podsnappery by British game designer Martin Wallace, based on his acclaimed previous design “Discworld: Ankh-Morpork.” Immersed deeply in the world of Dickens's and Doyle's literature, all game locations, events, and characters are tied to real and fictional characters and places in Victorian London. Martin Wallace will be at BGG.CON and attendees will have the chance to get a copy of the game signed by him.

At BGG.CON, visit us at the booth #306.

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