Ares Games is glad to announce two new translations in the War of the Ring line, co-published by international partners: a Korean edition of the award-winning War of the Ring board game, by Angry Lion, and the Russian edition of the expansion Lords of Middle-earth, by Gaga Games.

War of the Ring, Korean Edition.

The Korean edition by Angry Lion is expected to release in June 2019, and it will be the 9th language War of the Ring Second Edition is published in: after the English edition release in 2011, by Ares Games, the game has been translated into Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish - and now Korean. A French edition, by Nuts! Publishing, is also foreseen, but no date is scheduled yet. The English edition has been just reprinted and is back in stock now.

The first expansion of the game, Lords of Middle-earth is soon releasing in Russian by Gaga Games - this expansion has now been translated into all languages the base game is available in. Gaga Games is also launching a second printing in Russian of War of the Ring, to be available at the same time.

A reprint of the English edition of Lords of Middle-earth (currently sold out) will be available in late Spring.

For more information about the War of the Ring game and its expansions, and the international partners for each title, visit War of the Ring line section.

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