Ares Games will be at Spielwarenmesse 2019 (January 30-February 3, Nuremberg, Germany - booth F7) presenting its next releases, including two previously unannounced new games planned for the second half of 2019.

At the Toy Fair, Ares announces "Light and Shadow", expansion for the hidden movement, deduction and adventure game Hunt for the Ring, and the Second Edition of Quartermaster General WW2, thanks to a collaboration with Griggling Games - click here for the announcement.

Light and Shadow: first expansion for the game Hunt for the Ring.

"Light and Shadow" is the first expansion for Hunt for the Ring and will introduce four new characters from the initial chapters of "The Lord of the Rings" into the game. Quartermaster General WW2 is a fast-paced strategy game created by Ian Brody, where players take command of the major powers of the Second World War. The new edition by Ares will present a careful revision of the original game and refreshed artwork. More information about these games will be unveiled in the coming months.

Previously announced new releases at the Ares booth include the new setting for WW1 Wings of Glory, Tripods & Triplanes, the new card games Nightmarium - Revised Edition and Monster vs Heroes volume 2 - Cthulhu Mythos, and the first five Spaceship Packs for Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles - two versions of the Viper MK.II and three of the Cylon Raider.

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