Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage, new edition of the classic game.

Ares Games will exhibit at Origins Game Fair 2018 (Hall A, booth #503, June 13-17, Columbus, OH) launching several new games. The long-awaited Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage will release at the show, with the first copies for sale, while the 4X board game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) of galactic conquest Master of the Galaxy will be previewed, waiting for the Kickstarter fulfillment to be completed.

The Sword & Sorcery line continues to grow, with the campaign expansion Arcane Portal and two new Hero Packs. Visitors will also have the chance to preview the upcoming game Wings of Glory – Tripods & Triplanes, and join in three record-breaker events: a new attempt to have the most players in the same game of Wings of Glory (WW1 and WW2) and Sails of Glory will be held at the show.

New games recently released will also be on demo at Ares’ booth: the thrilling card game Monsters vs. Heroes – Victorian Nightmares, the western-themed game Wanted: Rich or Dead, and the hidden movement, deduction and adventure game Hunt for the Ring, as well as many others, such as Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2, Sails of Glory, Sword & Sorcery, and This War of Mine: the Board Game.

Record of most players at a Sails of Glory game - Gen Con 2015.

Ares will host a total of 45 events, thanks to the support of The Buckeye Gamers in Flight, Wings of Glory Aerodrome and Sails of Glory Anchorage. There will be 18 sessions of WW1 Wings of Glory (with a Tripods & Triplanes among them!), 8 of WW2 Wings of Glory, 5 of Sails of Glory, 5 of Galaxy Defenders and 9 of Sword & Sorcery.

A special call goes for Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory players, invited to join three record-breaker attempts: the events for Wings of Glory will be held on Friday, June 15th – WW1 Wings of Glory at 9am and WW2 Wings of Glory at 11am. On Saturday 16th, at 9am, there will be the Sails of Glory event.

The record-breaker events are also open to new players - rules will be taught to newbies, and an airplane or ship to play with will be provided together with the tournament entry fee. To see the complete event list, with detailed information and the remaining seats, click here or visit Ares Games’ booth at the show to grab a last-minute spot!

The biggest challenge is to beat the WW1 Wings of Glory world record of 100 players in the same game, set in September 2013, in Florence, Italy. For WW2 Wings of Glory, there is no official record registered, but Ares has notice of a 23 players game held in Massa, Northern Italy, in September 2014. The record for most players in a game of Sails of Glory is 79 players, set at Gen Con 2015.

New games at the show

Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage - The 20th anniversary edition of the classic Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, an asymmetrical card-driven game for 2 players, set during the epic struggle between ancient Rome and Carthage. The original rules and components were updated for this edition by Mark Simonitch and Jaro Andruszkiewicz, enhancing the visual impact of the original game and making it easier and faster to play. This new edition includes new scenarios and variants as well as brand new graphic design, miniatures, custom dice, extra cards, a new double-sided mounted board, and the companion game Hamilcar, set during the First Punic War, which introduces a naval system and naval battles. Both players compete for control of the Mediterranean Sea: Rome’s goal is to break through the island chain of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia while Carthage’s aim is to contain Rome on the Italian peninsula.

Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage was successfully funded with a Kickstarter campaign and debuts at Origins, where the first retail copies will be available for sale. The game is due to arrive in stores few weeks after the show.

Master of the Galaxy: a fast-pacing, innovative 4Х board game - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.

Master of the Galaxy - A fast playing 4Х board game for 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up, Master of the Galaxy presents a unique and innovative blend of bag-building, card-drafting, and tech-tree development mechanics, inspired by classic science-fiction, movies and computer games. Nine Elder Races are expanding through space, ready to assimilate or exterminate anybody who stands in their way. Players are challenged to conquer the Galaxy, starting with one-star system, one Species card, and a modest supply of resources. Players can choose different ways to dominate the Galaxy - trying to quickly spread their people across the stars, developing science to a level unreachable by the opponents, or embarking on a methodical extermination of the rivals. A complete game requires 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of players.

The game was funded with a Kickstarter campaign and will be in distribution just after the KS fulfillment is completed in July. At Origins, Ares will have the game for demo, but not for sale.

Arcane Portal: campaign expansion for Sword & Sorcery.

Sword & Sorcery Arcane Portal – The awaited campaign expansion for Sword & Sorcery Immortal Souls, Arcane Portal allows players to continue the epic campaign started in the Sword & Sorcery starter set with new, perilous quests. Arcane Portal introduces new, dreadful enemies - especially designed to interact with each other to defeat any hero who dares to cross their path. The heroes’ path brings them to the slopes of the majestic and imposing Thunder Mountains. Drawn by whisperings of a cult trying to end the world, the heroes are challenged by a shadow of nameless fears. Arcane Portal includes 15 new deadly enemies, 1 new dreadful master enemy, 11 new modular boards, new items, traps, treasures, events and enemy powers, and a new challenging story–driven campaign against demonic hordes and their abyssal lord… The Hellspawn.

This expansion will be releasing at Origins 2018, available for sale, and will hit the stores just after the show.

Sword & Sorcery: Ryld Hero Pack

Sword & Sorcery Morrigan and Ryld Hero Packs - The world of Sword & Sorcery always needs new heroes, and the Hero Packs introduce new, powerful characters into the game. Following the first two Hero Packs (Onamor and Victoria), two new heroes are arriving: Morrigan and Ryld.

Ryld, son of a human and an elf, can be played as either a Chaotic Bard or a Lawful Blademaster. As a Bard, Ryld is a famous adventurer, capable of fighting as well as inspiring his comrades. As a Blademaster, he is a fencing master, tutoring promising pupils and helping them to make a name for themselves. He can help his companions with his sword, as well as his counsel.

Sword & Sorcery: Morrigan Hero Pack

Morrigan saw her parents and friends exterminated by supernatural creatures. As a Demon Huntress, she specializes in lighting with her arcane whip, her mind perfectly trained to ignore the terror caused by demons. As a Witch Huntress, she survived the attack of a Death Knight and his undead horde and learned the ways of a Hunter of the Walking Dead. Her favorite weapon against undead is a crossbow firing blessed quarrels.

These two Hero Packs will be available for sale at Origins and are due to release just after the show. The same for the accessory pack Ghost Soul Form Heroes, a set to replace the figures of the five heroes included in the Starter Set when a hero dies during a Quest, allowing players to immediately visualize which characters are in Ghost Soul form. The set can also be used to create an alternate version of each character, for players who like to paint their figures.


Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set.

Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes – A new setting for Wings of Glory, the best-selling airplane miniature. Tripods & Triplanes introduces a new twist to the game, as the WW1 historical setting is turned upside down by the crossover with H.G. Wells' imaginative novel "The War of the Worlds." In Tripods & Triplanes, what should be the year the war ends, 1918, becomes the “Year of the Invasion.” Two different generations of Martian Tripods, one more advanced than the other, land on Earth, in two invasion waves. The knights of the air battle against these colossal fighting machines. Players will take control of an awesome Martian Tripod, set upon bringing death and destruction on our planet, or fly the most advanced flying machines created by Mankind during World War One, and try to use them to win the War of the Worlds.

Tripods & Triplanes is a stand-alone game, fully compatible with the WW1 Wings of Glory game line. It's due to release in August, and an advanced prototype presented at Origins.

At Origins Game Fair, visit Ares Games at booth #503, Hall A.

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