Special call for Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory players attending Origins Game Fair 2018 (June 13-17, Columbus, OH): they are invited to take part to the record-breaker attempts for the most players in the same game. The Wings of Glory events will be held on Friday, June 15th, at 9am (WW1) and 11am (WW2); the Sails of Glory event will be held on Saturday 16th, at 9am. The record-breaker events are also open to new players - rules will be taught to newbies, and an airplane or ship to play with will be provided.

Record of most players at a Sails of Glory game - Gen Con 2015.

The biggest challenge is to beat the WW1 Wings of Glory world record of 100 players in the same game, set in September 2013, in Florence, Italy. For WW2 Wings of Glory, there is no official record registered, but Ares has notice of a 23 players game held in Massa, Northern Italy, in September 2014. The record for most players in a game of Sails of Glory is 79 players, set at Gen Con 2015.

Join these special events and let's set new records in Columbus! For more information and to register, check the Origins Game Fair website - registration opens on May 2nd. The cost of participation at each event is $12, and includes an airplane pack or a ship pack with a miniature to play. At Origins, visit Ares Games' booth (Hall A, booth #503) for additional information about our events.

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