Hunt for the Ring is pre-releasing at Essen Spiel 2017, in Germany, this week. If you are attending the show, you have the chance to meet the game designers, Francesco Nepitello, Marco Maggi e Gabriele Mari, and even to play a game with them at the Ares Games’ booth in Hall 3!

There will be three “Hunt for the Ring - Play with the Designers” events - each one limited to a maximum of 4 players: on Friday, Oct. 27th, at 11am, with Gabriele Mari, and on Saturday, Oct.28th, at 3pm, and Sunday, 29th, at 11am, with Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello. Play as the Nazgul and try to find out where they will be hiding Frodo!

To take part to one of these games, come to Ares’ booth (Hall 3 E-100) early in the same day, and reserve your seat!

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