Czech players from Wings of Glory Aerodrome community are promoting the 5th edition of Prague Summer Con, during the weekend of April 22nd to 24th, 2016, in the game shops Svět deskových her and Warboss. The event gathers players from all over Europe, with about 40 players already registered for this year's edition, along with Wings of Glory's and Sails of Glory's co-author Andrea Angiolino. He will bring to the event some prototypes of future WW1 and WW2 releases.

The program includes five WW1 campaigns (1916: End of the Fokker Scourge, Raid of Zeppelins, 1917: Balloon Barrage, Circus! Circus!, and 1918: Operation Michael), and nbne WW2 missions (When Aces Meet, Winter Is Coming, The Eye of the Storm, Jetfighter Attack '45, The Schwienfurt Raid, Crete '41, Fortresses over Pilsen, and Battle of Midway). Two Sails of Glory game events are also scheduled, including a special session with the author, on Sunday.

"Prague con is one of the most friendly and entertaining meetings of Wings of Glory players I ever took part in. The creativity and skill that players from all over Europe put into developing special scenarios and game situations is incredible. The atmosphere is also great, thanks to the organization by the Czech hosts and the warm participation by all players. I went there for the first time last year and I am eager to be there again in a few days," Angiolino said.

For more information about the event, visit the Wings of Glory Aerodrome forum.

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