The Italian gaming club Associazione Ludica Apuana (A.L.A.), in collaboration with WASP - Wargame Spezia, will run on January 10th, 2016, a new WW1 Wings of Glory event in Massa (Northern Tuscany, Italy), the "Isonzo front 1917 Campaign".

In this event, players will command fighters and bombers engaged on the front of the Isonzo (in Tolmino area, northwestern Slovenia) in 1917, before the Caporetto battle (October 24th, 1917). The campaign "Isonzo front 1917" is designed for 16 to 20 players, divided in two teams, and develops in 4 to 5 missions.

The "Isonzo front 1917 Campaign" will be held at the Sporting Club “Le Pinete”, from 9,00 am to 6 pm. For more information, check the website of A.L.A. or WASP , where the campaign's PDF file is available for download. For pre-registration, write to

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