Good news for Sails of Glory and Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2 players, in Rome: every week, on Wednesday evenings, the game store Mjolnir Games Roma is hosting wargame events, and our games are a part of the offering. This week, on November 11th, it's time to play Sails of Glory, together with one of its authors, Andrea Angiolino, at 9:30pm.

The events, called "A Mercoledì da Generali" ("A General's Wednesday"), offers three different games to play every week. And tipically, one of them is either Sails of Glory, WW1 Wings of Glory or WW2 Wings of Glory, featured on a rotation basis.

"As a game retailer, I am a fan of these games, so I decided to support them with events and products in stock. This approach has been very successful, with many people trying these games for the first time, and enjoying them, and sales are great as well", said Massimo Brigandi, owner of Mjolnir Games Roma.

For more information, check the event "Un Mercoledì da Generali" on Facebook.

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