Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory players attending Gen Con Indy 2015 are called to take part to two special events on Friday, July 31st: the Record-Breaker attempts for the the most players at a game.

Wings of Glory fans have a big challenge: beat the world record of 100 players in the same game, set in September 2013, in Florence, Italy. At Gen Con, a big event for up to 120 players is scheduled, and 46 have signed at the moment. We need more 55 people to beat the record, so if you are going to Indianapolis, register to take part to the game, and spread the word!

The Wings of Glory WW1: Record-Breaker is open also for new players - rules will be taught to newbies, and an airplane to play will be provided. The cost of participation is $12.

The same day, at 12:00 AM, there will be the record-breaker attempt for most players in a game for Sails of Glory. The current is 53 players, set one year ago at GenCon. The big Sails of Glory game is also opened to newbies and the cost ($14) includes a ship to use in the event. At the moment, 78 players are already registered, but there are already 42 tickets available to become part of gaming history.

If you are going to attend Gen Con Indy 2015, join us at these special events and visit us at booth 449!

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