Wings of Glory players in Italy have the chance to join two events in the next few weeks. The first is scheduled for the next Sunday, March 29th, at Cerveteri (province of Rome): at De Bello Ludico - L'adunata, the author Andrea Angiolino will play Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory with the attendees. The event is open to the public, from 10:00 to 18:00.

The next Italian event will take place at Play! Festival del Gioco (April 11th-12th, Modena), with two game sessions organized by a group of players from the Wings of Glory Aerodrome community: on Saturday, April 11th, at 10:00am, the scenario "Istrana Battle" - the more important aerial battle in the Italian front at the WW1, hold on 26th Dicember, 1917; and later, the WW2 scenario "Uccidete Yamamoto", the trap built by Americans on April 18th, 1943 against Japanese naval commander Isoroku Yamamoto.

In May, the Wings of Glory airplanes will take flight in Czech Republic, at the Prague Summer Con 2015. This will the fourth edition of this event dedicated to the game, gathering players from Eastern Europe, but also from German and UK. This year, the author Andrea Angiolino will attend the Prague Summer. For three days - May, 15th to 17th, they will play many WW1 and WW2 scenarios, scoring points in each session. The player with the highest score by the end of the meeting will be the winner. More details are available at Wings of Glory Aerodrome, in the thread dedicated to this event.

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