Ares Games is looking for Gamemasters to run events at Gen Con 2015. If you have experience with our games and are looking for a good excuse to go to GenCon, here it is!

We are looking for players to run events for our board games (Inkognito, Aztlán, Galaxy Defenders, War of the Ring, etc.), Wings of Glory (both versions), and Sails of Glory. If you run 10 hours’ worth of events, we’ll provide prize support for you and the players and a 4-day badge for you. You can set up your events type any way you like – mini tournaments, scenarios, special events, or whatever you want. Just work with us on the details, register the event, and then come and have a good time.

To get started, simply send your event ideas using the Contact Us form (using the "Events/GMing/Conventions" type). We’ll get the process started, hopefully in time to get everything in the registration book (so sooner is better than later). Got questions? Let us know as well. Want to run more events? We’ll figure something out. Want to run fewer events? Sorry, 10 hours is the minimum for that sweet badge.

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