Ares Games is proud to present the winning scenarios of the first Sails of Glory Scenarios Contest. The contest was held in the first half of this year, and the winners announced on June 24th.

The four scenarios presented in this document are the winner in Fictional category, “Plundering the Town”, by José Manuel Moreno Ramos; the two winners in the Historical category, “Encounter On a Lee Shore”, by Eric Johnson, and “A Safe Harbor? – Battle of Algeciras (1801)”, by José Manuel Moreno Ramos; and the “Mediterranean Campaign”, by Richard Holgate, awarded with a special prize.

The scenarios are presented in the standard Sails of Glory format, slightly edited from their original version. The document includes at its end two elements to be printed and cut out to use for playing the scenarios "Plundering the Town" and "A Safe Arbor? - The Battle of Algeciras (1801)".

Ares Games thanks again all the participants in the Sails of Glory Scenario Contest and the members of the jury.

Now, all Sails of Glory commanders are invited to set the sails and engage their ships with these new scenarios!

Sails of Glory – Scenarios: 2014 Contest (English Version) (7451 downloads )



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