The Age of Conan Strategy Board Game is back. Five years after the game release, an expansion is coming to re-launch this epic fantasy strategy board game. In the Kickstarter campaign starting on October 9th, the game fans will have the chance to get the upcoming expansion, Adventures in Hyboria, and new players who don't own the game will have the option to get also the base game. For the newcomers, it’s time to know more about the game.

Age of Conan Strategy Board Game

Age of Conan Strategy Board Game

Age of Conan Strategy Board Game is a game for 2 to 4 players. Each player controls one of the major kingdoms of the Hyborian Age - Aquilonia, Turan, Hyperborea and Stygia, competing to build the most powerful empire, using armies and emissaries, wars and diplomatic intrigue to achieve domination over its neighbors.

Meanwhile, Conan wanders through western Hyboria, and his very presence can disrupt carefully laid plots and turn the tide of battles, and no nation can truly control his actions. However, a canny ruler guides Conan so that this presence confounds the actions of opposing kingdoms, rather than his own.

A kingdom may even try to crown Conan as its king, and if successful, such a kingdom has a good chance of overcoming its rivals. But the hero is savage and unpredictable, and the price for attempting to crown hum and failing is steep…


Age of Conan is played over the course of three ages. At the beginning of each age, four Conan adventure cards are drawn and used to create the adventure deck. At the beginning of each adventure, players bid to decide who controls Conan for that adventure. When an adventure ends, a new one is drawn and a new bid determines the new Conan player.

Game components of Age of Conan Strategy Board Game.

Game components of Age of Conan Strategy Board Game.

The roll of special dice, called fate dice, determines the actions available to the players. The dice are rolled to form a common pool from which all players pick their dice. Each player, in turn, selects and uses one fate die to perform one of the actions allowed by that type of die. When all fate dice have been used, they are re-rolled.

The game continues until all four adventures in the adventure deck are complete. At that point, the game temporarily stops so that players can collect gold, build up armies and other resources, and prepare for the next age.

Victory is achieved by subjugating vassal provinces using military strength; creating alliances using your emissaries; fighting the other players; and achieving specific objectives which become available throughout the game.

You can also benefit from Conan's adventures, by accumulating his adventure tokens - Monsters, Women and Treasure - and sometimes, by trying to make Conan the ruler of your kingdom.

The game ends at the end of the third age, or whenever - during the third age - Conan becomes the ruler of a player's kingdom... or that player fails in the attempt to crown Conan.

To know more about the game, download the complete Age of Conan Rulebook PDF (Fantasy Flight Edition).

In the next article, know more about the upcoming expansion, Adventures in Hyboria.