After a careful evaluation, we are finally ready to announce the winners of the Sails of Glory Scenario Design contest.

In one month (from April 10th to May 10th), 26 players submitted 35 valid entries to the contest - 19 Historical scenarios and 16 Fictional. The winner in the Fictional category is the scenario “Plundering the Town”, by José Manuel Moreno Ramos.

In the Historical category, there are two winners: “Encounter On a Lee Shore”, by Eric Johnson, and “A Safe Harbor? – Battle of Algeciras (1801)”, by José Manuel Moreno Ramos.

A special prize has been awarded to “Mediterranean Campaign”, by Richard Holgate, that did not fit exactly the format of the contest, but was appreciated by the judges for its originality and approach.

The scenarios were judged by a committee of experts formed by David Manley, Timothy Totten, Keith Upton, Jim Long and Fabrizio Rolla.

To evaluate the scenarios, the judges used a rating system considering the quality of visual and literary presentation, the use of the game resources, historical accuracy/interest of the situation depicted (according the category) and game balance/fun factor. The judges were impressed with the high quality of the scenarios submitted for the contest.

The best scenarios will be published by Ares Games as free downloadable PDFs.

The authors will receive the contest prize: a complete series of the 12 Ship Packs in the second wave of Sails of Glory Ship Packs - 36/38 guns “Hebe” class frigates, 118 guns “Ocean” class Ships-of-the-Line, 14 guns “Swan” class Ship-Sloops and 100 guns 1st rate Ships-of-the-Line.

Ares Games thanks all the participants in the Sails of Glory Scenario Contest and the members of the jury for their time and commitment in evaluating all the entries.

The winning scenarios will be posted in July on

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