The WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs Giveaway Contest is over, here are the winners! Eight sets of prizes have been awarded - Four daily prizes for the fans who first answered correctly our questions, and four random bonus draws from everybody who got the right answers within 24 hours in each of the four contest days

Below, you find the answers to the last day questions and its winner, the four lucky winners of the bonus draws and a summary of the answers and winners of the other three contest days.

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Answers to the yesterday's questions (February 27th):

1. What was the name of the two seater flights equipped with the first Halberstadt CL.II arriving on the front?? Schutzstaffeln / Schusta

2. In which city an original fuselage of an Halberstadt Cl.II is still preserved? Krakow

3. Who is the ace who shot down a Halberstadt CL.II as his 75th victory? René Fonck

And the winner is... Simon Guibert, winning the Halberstadt CL.II - - Schwarze-Schumm! As he is a fan of Wings of Glory on Facebook and on BoardGameGeek, he also wins the Halberstadt CL.II - Schalaststafell 23b and the Halberstadt CL.II - Niemann-Kolodzicj as bonus prizes!

The winners in the random bonus draws

  • SPAD S.VII: Cyril Leroy
  • Albatros D.II: Alberto Sarcinelli
  • Bristol F.2B Fighter: Robert Sudik
  • Halberstadt CL.II: Miguel Angelo Rego

Answers and winners (February 24th to 26th):

24/02/2014 – SPAD S.VII

1. Which evolution of the SPAD VII was an enlarged version with a 37mm cannon firing through a hollow propeller shaft? SPAD XII

2. Which American pilot flying a SPAD VII ended his working life operating a lift in New York? Eugene Bullard

3. Which German ace got in trouble with his superiors having joined a French SPAD formation with a captured one to see if he could be easily spotted as an enemy, and then being almost shot down by friendly ground fire while coming back home? Eduard Ritter von Schleich

Winner: Stuart Greenwell

25/02/2014 – Albatros D.II

1. Which plane was piloted by Lanoe Hawker when he was shot down by the Red Baron flying an Albatros D.II? Airco DH.2

2. Which famed Austro-Hungarian ace had a hard landing with an Albatros D.II in March 1917, on the Western front, while being assigned to Jasta 24 to learn German organization and tactics? Godwin Brumowski

3. Which famed ace with 40 victories died when the upper wing of his Albatros D.II was damaged by the landing gear of another plane from his unit? Oswald Boelcke

Winner: Morsac Mo

26/02/2014 – Bristol F.2B Fighter

1. Who was the flight observer flying with William Harvey when he scored 11 official victories, before he formed crew with Dennis Waight? George Thomson

2. Which wartime passenger of a Bristol F.2B Fighter rode a motorbike in a makeshift race against such a plane after the war? Thomas Edward Lawrence / Lawrence of Arabia

3. What was on board of a Bristol F.2B captured in mid October 1917, causing its crew to be sentenced to 10 years for treason? propaganda leaflets

Winner: Joe Gallipeau

Ares Games thanks all players who took part in this contest and the author Andrea Angiolino, who prepared the questions for the contest!

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