Hannibal & Hamilcar: Giant Playing Mat

An accessory for Hannibal & Hamilcar

This product is now out of Ares Games' catalog. For availability information, visit PHALANX website.

Play Hannibal and Hamilcar on a larger scale!

Hannibal & Hamilcar Revised Edition is the new edition of a classic wargame designed by Mark Simonitch, Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. These two games for 2 players are set during the Punic Wars, a conflict that has in many ways defined our modern world.

To help the players have the games under complete control, PHALANX provide the Hannibal & Hamilcar – Giant Playing Mat, an accessory set that contains 1 giant satin textured playing mat, double side print (1200x850 mm, 2 mm thick) with enlarged playing areas for easier gameplay, with one side for each of the two games.

With this essential game component, the game will always be well organized, and each player can plan their moves and actions with perfect knowledge of the current game state.

This is a game accessory.
A copy of Hannibal & Hamilcar Rome vs. Carthage is required to use this product.
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