WotR Colored Plastic Rings - Core Set

An accessory for War of the Ring

Quickly recognize your miniatures on the game board!

For all War of the Ring Second Edition enthusiasts who want to protect the bases of their miniatures, while enjoying an easy and quick way to recognize them at a glance on the game board, here's the ideal solution: War of the Ring Colored Plastic Rings Core Set Accessory!

This set includes colored plastic rings to customize a full set of War of the Ring 2nd Edition: at least 118 small soft rubber rings, to fit regular units, and at least 87 large hard plastic rings – similar to the plastic rings included in Kings of Middle-earth – to fit elite units, leaders and characters. The rings fit around the figure bases; glue can be required for assembly.

The use of these rings in different colors – matching the color scheme of the various factions involved in the War of the Ring – helps players to differentiate at a glance the different Free Peoples and Shadow nations each figure belongs to, without painting them. The colored plastic rings will be packaged in a ziplock bag with hangtab, ready to use!

Type Size Qt. Color
Dwarves 14 mm 5 Dark Brown
Elves 14 mm 5 Green
Gondor 14 mm 15 Dark Blue
North 14 mm 10 Light Blue
Rohan 14 mm 10 Dark Green
Dwarves 20 mm 9 Dark Brown
Elves 20 mm 14 Green
Gondor 20 mm 9 Dark Blue
North 20 mm 9 Light Blue
Rohan 20 mm 9 Dark Green
Isengard 14 mm 12 Yellow
Sauron 14 mm 36 Red
Southrons 14 mm 24 Orange
Isengard 20 mm 6 Yellow
Sauron 20 mm 6 Red
Southrons 20 mm 6 Orange
Shadow 20 mm 11 Black
Free Peoples 20 mm 7 Silver
Ring-bearers 14 mm 1 Gold
Ring-bearers 20 mm 1 Gold

At least 1 spare component is included for each color/type combination.

Get ready to enhance your War of the Ring Second Edition games with this original accessory, so that the forces on the game board are always clear, preparing you for the course of events in every siege and every battle.

This is not a complete game.
A copy of War of the Ring – Second Edition is required to use this product.
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