Waste Knights Second Edition - Beyond the Horizon

An expansion for Waste Knights Second Edition

It's time to leave the continent and sail out...

Toxic tides bring to the Waste a promise of new opportunities awaiting those bold enough to brave the high seas. Ruined metropolises open ports and tinkerers construct jury-rigged ships to facilitate transport around Australia… and further away. Horrid creatures and new breeds of mutants are spotted around the coast, while the most daring travelers speak of never-before-seen islands or facilities untouched by time, far out in the ocean, as if waiting to be plundered.

It’s time to see how much truth is hidden in all those tall tales – ancient treasures and secret places must be heavily guarded… by things landlubbers know nothing of. But you’ve faced hundreds of monsters and survived all kinds of hardships. There’s no one better equipped to travel beyond the horizon!

Beyond the Horizon is an expansion for Waste Knights: Second Edition, a post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival. Now is the time to leave the continent and sail out to places you only know from legends and myths. Explore a new map enabling you to visit Tasmania or Solomon Islands altered by the Apocalypse. Battle deadly sea monsters and search for fresh water – a new resource that will make the game even more realistic. Play as one of the new Knights armed with unique abilities and expand your base game using new cards, tokens, and adventures. Choose your ship, set the course and see where the winds shall take you!

  • New board enabling players to visit places far from the Australian continent, with their unique story cards and opportunities
  • New rules for using ships and sea travel, with cards and dedicated dice to make you feel like a real sea dog
  • New game mechanics enabling you to introduce fresh water for a more survivalist feel or difficulty levels to adjust the game to your group’s needs
  • New Knights, Upgrade Cards, Gear Cards and tokens to be used both with the expansion and the base game
  • New adventures hidden in the Guide and Book of Tales to guarantee tens of hours of engaging gameplay

Prepare yourself for many hours of climatic, immersive gameplay and reach for new tools to survive in this desolate world!

This is a not a complete game.
You must own a copy of Waste Knights: Second Edition to play.
The English edition of Galakta's games is exclusively distributed in the
United States and non-European countries by Ares Games.


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