Divinity Derby

A racing & betting game of mythic stature!

A crazy race of mythic flying creatures on Mount Olympus - are you ready to place your bets?

Zeus invited you, along with a bunch of other divine friends from all around the Multiverse, for a little get-together on Mount Olympus. After a legendary lunch and more than a few rounds of Ambrosia, the drink of the gods, you start arguing. Which mythic creature is the fastest? Is a Pegasus a better flyer than a Lamassu? Can the fire-breath of a Dragon stop a Phoenix?

You start making bets, and soon you decide that the only way to know who is right to summon all those creatures for a good race… And soon the racing and betting begins, with the Olympic “All-father”, Zeus, as the ultimate judge. Welcome to Divinity Derby!

Test your ability to evaluate the chances of each creature, choose the right bets, use your powers to influence the race to achieve your objectives. And don’t worry about being nice to the others – they are also plotting against you to make you lose your bets…

Divinity Derby is a fast-playing game for 3 to 6 players, age 10 and up, designed by Carlo Rossi. The cards are illustrated by the excellent Denis Martynets and the miniatures are modeled by master sculptor Bob Naismith.


Divinity Derby is a card-driven game with an original card-sharing mechanic. Each player will play with two hands of cards, sharing a cardholder with each neighbor.

The cards are used to influence the race of 6 mythic creatures. As a godly being, you can make informed guesses about what will happen in the race, looking at those cards, and place your bets accordingly. At the same time, as cards are shared, there's a lot of interaction - you will be conspiring against (or with!) the players close to you, as you will draft cards from the same holder as they do.

You wlll be able to alter the will of Fate to fit your plan - you can choose whether to play a card for its high or low value, and this simple but critical choice will make all the difference in the outcome of the race...

Dirty tricks, godly powers, the twists of Fate, and the capricious judgment of Zeus will determine the final winner of the Divinity Derby!


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