Dacia and Thracia: setting module about two border provinces, full of mysteries and secrets.

Dacia and Thracia and Italia, two new sourcebooks for Lex Arcana RPG, are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores on August 19th.

Dacia and Thracia describes the wild and dangerous provinces in the borderlands, dominated by eerie roars and the pervasive clanging of steel, haunted by primal terrors, bloodthirsty monsters, and marauders who have crossed the border to plunder the Empire’s outposts. The book describes the provinces of Dacia and Thracia, and offers a report about cold and lethal Scythia, the land which lays beyond the Danube border.

Italia sourcebook: the heart of the Empire.

Italia portrays the land of ancient magic and dark intrigue, and contains all the information needed to create amazing adventures in the heart of the Empire, realm of ancient Gods, and cradle of Rome. Here the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana (the Player Characters) must confront dangerous monsters and supernatural entities, hidden cults, forgotten enemies, and vast conspiracies.

For more information about Lex Arcana RPG and the new sourcebooks, visit the Roleplaying Games section.

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