Rocketmen, a fast-paced race to the Space.

The PHALANX Games section is now updated with information and images of four new games expected to release in March 2021: Rocketmen, Successors, 1941: Race to Moscow, and Fire in the Sky. The first three games were funded on Kickstarter, and will release after the fulfillment to the KS backers has been completed.

Rocketmen is a deckbuilding confrontation of swift decision-making and tactical choices, giving players the feel of taking a front seat in a technologically wonderful spectacle of space exploration. Players (1 to 4) will use their predictive abilities and resource management skills to determine what kind of endeavor would be most suitable for reaching their final goal: paving the way to Earth’s celestial neighbours. The game will release alongside three accessories: a Miniature Expansion Set, a Player's Mat Set with 4 neoprene mats enlarged with the areas of launch pad and holding area, and Giant Playing Mat.

Successors: revised and improved edition.

A timeless classic, Successors is a card-driven, point-to-point movement strategy game that brings the war for the succession of Alexander The Great to the tabletop. This new edition features a improved layout of the board, charts and cards, a rewritten and updated rulebook to fix some issues of previous editions, and an introduction to historical scenarios which streamline the gameplay and shorten game sessions, over 60 illustrations inspired by historical sources and 12 leader miniatures. A Giant Playing Mat will be available for sale - an accessory to have an enlarged playing areas.

1941: Race to Moscow, historical simulation game.

In 1941: Race to Moscow, 1 to 4 players take control of an army directed toward three of the Soviet Union’s major cities while trying to avoid the Soviet army, determined to stop the German advance. They must keep the logistics chain working, to make sure the Blitzkrieg moves as quickly as possible, and the targets are reached on time, supplying fuel to the tanks, ammo to the guns, food to the troops, and fodder to the horses. Three accessories will allow to enhance the gameplay: Axis Aircraft, a set of plastic Axis airplane miniatures to replace the related cardboard components included in the core game, Giant Playing Mat and a set of Larger Locomotive Miniatures, scaled to be used with the Giant Playing Mat.

Fire in the Sky: the Great Pacific War, 1941-1945.

A two-player game of strategic rivalry and tactical responsiveness set in the Great Pacific War 1941-1945, Fire in the Sky stretches from the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7th 1941 to the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the atomic hellfire in August 1945. Players attempt to conduct successful attacks on their opponent’s units, break loose from the sea siege, or simply outsmart their enemy so craftily that their willingness to carry on would be crushed, without forget about logistics – spending their transportation points wisely and supplying their units.

In addition to these new games, the reprint of Hannibal & Hamilcar and its Giant Playing Mat are also expected to be available by March 2021. For more information and images, visit the PHALANX Games section.

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