The English edition of the horror and adventure board game Tales of Evil, created by the game designer Antonio Ferrara and published by Escape Studios, starts to hit the US stores on October 9th. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter and a limited number of copies is releasing in retail after the backers' fulfillment - it's a limited first edition, with special content which will not be part of future reprints.

Tales of Evil: horror and adventure board game by Antonio Ferrara.

Tales of Evil is a fully cooperative game for one to six players, who become “Braves” - members of a group of kids called Pizza & Investigation. During each adventure, the young Investigators venture into places inhabited by the forces of evil and need to get out alive, while trying to complete their missions. The outcome of each story is shaped by players’ decisions, and each mission can end in multiple ways. Players interact with the game using the innovative Fusion System, which requires to take real-life actions with direct consequences inside the game, merging fiction (the game) with players’ reality, creating a “treasure hunt” vibe in gameplay.

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